Compliance with National, Federal, State and Provincial Regulatory Bodies

With Genesis QMS, you can develop business processes that will help you meet your compliance and EH&S requirements… all within one easy to use, integrated program.

Quality Control  |  Asset Management  |  Asset Integrity Management

Set Yourself Up with Instant Access to Company, Third Party and Client Info 

Store all employee contact and safety ticket information all in one place, available at your fingertips as need arises. Track certifications and accreditations and notify personnel proactively about any that are expiring.

Similarly, all of your client, vendor, and third party contractor contact information is in one place, up-to-date and accessible to all users at anytime.

Complete Equipment Inventory

Manage every aspect of your equipment inventory. Access equipment drawings, certifications, documentation, inspections and maintenance records. Get instant access to specifications and photographs for each piece of equipment. Manage all your acquisitions and divestitures seamlessly with current up to date assets and inventory.

Editing, adding, creating new equipment spec fields, moving equipment from one division to another, or deleting equipment is easy with no programming knowledge needed. Be in total control!

Certifications and Documents…be in total control of your equipment

Setup your Pressure Equipment Inventory Management Program (PEIMP) with automatic alerts for deadlines. Track and control your data reports, inspection certificates, and permits to include:

    • State and Provincial safety authority certificates
    • Commercial Vehicle Inspection Programs (CVIPs)
    • CRNs
    • Gas & fluid meters
    • PSV reports
    • Vessel drawings & inspections
    • U1As
    • MTRs
    • Operating permits
    • Safety certificates
    • Management of Change
    • And much, much more!

Be in control so you are NOT caught working with equipment that will fail to meet Provincial or State compliance requirements! Certifications are colour-coded according to their status, with alerts emailed to your employees warning a certification is nearing its expiry date. Our Third Party Portal allows service companies to enter data directly, allowing for instant viewing for the people who need it, saving time and money.

NDT Tracking and Control for your Pressure Equipment and Piping

Our NDT module has CML tracking and remaining life analytics to predict failures and will reduce your annual inspection spending and engineering efforts…making cash-flow budgeting easier and more predictable. Genesis QMS uses T-min calculations for pressure pipe using ASME B31.3-2017 or CSA Z662 calculation methods. Whether you need information for one equipment piece or thousands of individual serial numbers you have the ability to call up all of the needed information and complete part history, INSTANTLY!

Reduce Inspection Frequency and Predict Failure

Quality and Asset Integrity Management Software with ESR, ABSA reporting, and vessel inspections (API-510 VE/VI and API-570 VE)

Genesis QMS allows you to make risk determination on your equipment which will greatly reduce inspection frequency…saving you time, money and worker safety. Knowing when your equipment is to be taken out of service or repaired will help cash-flow budgeting. Nothing is worse than a $100,000 surprise…risk determination and predicting failure is vital for both your bottom line and worker safety!

Wear Cost Recovery

Field conditions such as corrosion, abrasion etc., can significantly wear down your equipment. Genesis QMS will recover your equipment wear costs. Directly track, record, and quickly charge any equipment wear to your customer without overcharging them. Ensure pipe and equipment integrity and keep workers safe! Record equipment abrasion and corrosion. Access your equipment wear history and deliver a complete equipment wear history to your customers on-demand. This can be a business within your business. Not only is this an amazing Safety Program, but it is also a revenue generator.

Data Analysis and Reports

Genesis QMS management reporting and other customizable exportable reports for better management decision making.

Powerful reporting and analysis, resulting in reductions in annual inspection, maintenance spending, , and engineering efforts…why not save money!

Generate daily, weekly, monthly and yearly inspection reports on your assets. Information and history are displayed numerically as well as in charts and graphs. This info can be accessed by anyone in your company with permission, at anytime and anywhere, using an internet connection.

3rd Party Portal

Save time and money by allowing access to 3rd parties such as service, repair/maintenance and inspection companies to directly enter data and reports into your Genesis QMS program. Cut down on costs (and mistakes) of relying on one of your staff to enter data and reports from other 3rd party service providers or vendors. Imagine the time, money (and paper storage) you would save by allowing manufacturers access to input documentation for your new equipment directly into your Genesis QMS software. Instant viewing as well as maintaining accuracy of the data.

Custom Applications

We realize every company is different. As a company’s needs evolve, so will the software. Genesis is a flexible software program that can develop applications specific to your business needs to fit your processes and workflows. Our goal is to maximize your business’s efficiency, saving you time and money and at the same time, making your workers safe.

Let the Genesis QMS software bring everything together into ONE manageable place. Contact us and let’s discuss your company’s needs and how this program will work for your business.