Six Ways a Digital Solution Improves the Integrity Management of Your Pressure Piping

Genesis QMS’ Asset Integrity Management (AIM) solution makes it simple to track and manage your pressure piping across its entire life cycle. This can be daunting when you have large quantities and multiple types of pipe. But it’s critical to protect everybody on every worksite, protect against fines for regulatory compliance and … well … protect your bottom line! Here are six ways a digital solution manages the integrity of your pressure piping.

Six ways our easy-to-use digital solution helps manage the integrity of your pressure piping.


Number 1. Consistent reporting.

Most companies use multiple vendors to perform tasks, and most of them use their own individual formats for reporting. This means it can be virtually impossible to merge and analyze consistent data. And inconsistent data means your integrity management capabilities will be skewed.

Number 2. Everyone can add data directly into the solution. 

Data input can happen in the field or back at the office after the inspection. This eliminates costly admin time and possible transposition errors. And guess what? It also resolves the inconsistent reporting issue we just mentioned.

Number 3. You can view the life history of all inspection data, tracked over the entire life cycle of each asset.

This really gives you a feel for what is happening with the pipe and makes it easier to decide what pipe to use on each of your worksites.

Number 4. You can also view individual pipe pieces by serial or ID numbers or in groups that you choose.

Here’s a scenario. You are racking out a thousand pieces of pipe at the end of a job in adverse weather. You are probably in a rush and that means that some pieces could end up on a different unit from where they started. When this happens, the original inspection data will not be on the next inspection report, which means the pipe serial numbers will be different for the next job.

Why is this important? Because if you need to show current UT results for a piece of pipe that is new to a unit, the data won’t be readily accessible. You will have to contact your office or the NDT company (and hope they can find it). Good luck.

Number 5. Identify high and low-risk areas of your piping.

Knowing the exact integrity of every piece of pipe can save you money on inspection costs. You can develop a strategy that will decrease the amount of UT shots needed during an inspection and make you smarter about which pipes to focus on first.

You are making data-driven asset management decisions!

And finally, number 6. Genesis QMS integrates into existing applications.

If you have other asset-specific programs, like Asset Management or Asset Performance Management, our solution integrates easily and extends their capabilities.

*** Here’s an extra ADDED BONUS of investing in a digital Asset Integrity Management Solution. You can attract more clients.

Having an AIM program will show that your company puts great value on safety and quality control. It gives clients (especially those with vendor COR requirements) the peace of mind that you are on top of potential issues and will make them feel that they have made the right decision in hiring your company. It will certainly put you ahead of your non-digital competitors.

So, what are you waiting for? If you think you can’t afford a digital solution or they are difficult to use, times have changed. In fact, most users are up and running on our solution in no time, and your investment will likely pay for itself quickly by reducing admin costs and increasing your team members’ time on tools.

Your workers and the environment will be safer, and you won’t have to worry about whether you are in compliance with fast-changing legislation.

Let’s take the pressure out of managing the integrity of your pressure piping.


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