Reduce your systematic risk. Genesis QMS cost-effectively improves the quality control, asset management, integrity management, compliance, and safety of your assets.

Quality Control  |  Asset Management  |  Asset Integrity Management

Challenges and Solutions

“It’s Too Expensive”

Genesis QMS fits the budgets of companies of all sizes. Our cost-effectiveness makes staying within ever-shrinking budgets easy and predictable.

“It’s too Difficult to Use”

Our clients rate our ease of use as a key reason why they selected us. Users of all levels are up and running in no time.

“We Need a Solution Everyone Can Use, including 3rd Parties”

Genesis QMS provides unlimited access. All employees, third-party service providers, and inspectors can enter data directly into our application.

“We Need Consistent, Reliable Reports”

Because data is entered into predefined templates, all reports are consistent and reliable. Everyone, including inspection companies, can have a complete view of each asset’s history including your company’s procedures, part drawings, maintenance records, current and past certifications and documents etc.


One Solution, One Place

Get rid of error prone spreadsheets, shared drives and inefficient paper-based processes. Our software is cloud-based and requires no additional IT infrastructure.

Reduce Time and Operating Costs

Maximized inspection intervals equals faster risk determination and lower inspection expenditures and engineering efforts.

Direct data entry by all users including office, field, third party vendors, and inspection companies, eliminates the costs and errors associated with transposing data.

Same-day IT and business support provide peace of mind and a better night’s sleep.

A Safer Workplace

Alerts, notifications, and equipment tracking with remaining life analytics keep your workers, the environment, and the community in which you operate safer.

Integration with Other Software

With Genesis QMS, there is no need to rip and replace. We integrate into existing systems, creating additional value from your investment.

A Message from the President

In my first job as a QCQA manager I found myself drowning in a sea of paper and spreadsheets, filing cabinets and banker boxes. Every day I felt like I was not in control of the equipment data that was flooding on to my desk. I was stressed and I wasn’t getting sleep, worrying about the dreaded 2am phone call from the field. I had to do something, and Genesis Quality Management Software was born. Much has changed since those early days, and with Rob Kowal joining as partner, Genesis QMS has greatly evolved into something we are very proud of.

Complete control of your data at any time and wherever you are. Tracking the life history of inventory parts. Identifying high-risk areas. Increasing the time between inspection intervals. Having consistent, reliable reporting, especially when using multiple 3rd party inspection companies. The ability to integrate with existing Asset Management companies. These are just some of the processes necessary to eliminate costly administrative errors, keep your employees and the environment safe, and run a successful and profitable company in our ever-changing world.

Knowing that a company’s assets are fully compliant and safe to use, and having the data just a click away, brings you one step closer to a good night’s sleep… and don’t we all want that?

— Jim Matheson, President and Founder, Genesis QMS

What our Clients are Saying

“We live in an era where we must make use of software to help us do all the heavy lifting. Genesis QMS provides just that, data management and analysis to do all the heavy lifting so the client can properly focus on maximizing ROI by making quick, easy, and accurate decisions based on sound information.

Genesis is a good company with good people that listens to their client’s needs and partners with them in a long-term, solution-based relationship.

RAE Engineering and Inspection Ltd. is proud to have jointly worked with Genesis on numerous projects over the years and will continue to do so well into the future.” Christo Rust, President – RAE Engineering and Inspection 


“Genesis QMS is an integral part of our QA/QC program. Flo-Back has assets throughout North America, so it is essential to have a centralized database to track them and their compliance with all regulations. Genesis does that.

The solution is easy to navigate and very user-friendly. Flo-Back’s third-party partners can upload information directly into the program, which greatly reduces administrative time and costs.

And Genesis QMS is a great tool to monitor the life cycle of your pressure piping. You can trend pipe wear to ensure piping is removed from service prior to failure. This data is very helpful in forecasting the capital requirements of your pressure piping fleet.”

John Macaulay, General Manager – Flo-Back Equipment Inc.


“Our company has a very extensive fleet of pressure vessels and piping located throughout Canada and the United States. Genesis QMS allows us to track, monitor and draw reports on the integrity condition of each and every piece.

Knowing when a piece of piping is nearing its end of life plays a critical safety and compliance role.

Also with the industry standards increasing every year, instant reporting is a huge part of our selling point for our company. The peace of mind knowing we are an industry leader with QMS and overall safety makes our employees and clients feel better about our equipment .  I can’t imagine trying to look after so much mobile pipe without Genesis QMS.” Jeff Hurley, North American Equipment GM – Tara Energy Services

“With Genesis QMS, my employees and I have all the information and certification paperwork we need at our fingertips and can instantly and easily reinspect assets and see intel about pass / reject criteria. I love having a plethora of similar-style piping components in one program that maintains their individual and specific minimum thicknesses.

This is a game changer for ensuring we aren’t being over-conservative and potentially disposing of assets prematurely.

The pressure vessel inspection portion of Genesis QMS has been a huge addition to our API 510 / 570 inspection process. We no longer have to spend countless hours having a data entry clerk translate and type up written comments—instead, that clerk spends their time on other responsibilities that are far more important.” Cody Moore, Asset Manager – Ideal Completion Services